What is Series and Parallel Circuit? Understandable also for kids. Explain with example.

If we want to know or understand about Series and Parallel Circuit then we have to know first about Node. It is not that much fancy or hard to understand the thing. It is a very simple thing like a junction or joins point of two or several electronic parts. When anyone used to make a circuit then he/she need to join several components with wires. In a simple note, the nodes are the wires between components.

If you want to make a difference between Series and Parallel Circuit you have a look first about the nodes between the components. You also need know-how current flow through the circuit. Naturally current flow from higher voltage to lower voltage. Current flow always finds the shortest part to the lowest voltage it’s also known as ground.

What Is a Series Connection?

The main idea of a series circuit is components are connected in a line by the end to end of each component from where current can flow through a single line, and current can flow the first component to the last component. In a nutshell, if two components make a circuit then they should share a common node and they should flow the same current through them.

Series circuit

In the picture, there are three resisters assigns them as R1, R2, and R3. As the given position of those resisters, they are connected as series because There’s only one way for the current to flow in the circuit. Starting from the positive terminal of the battery, current flow will first encounter R1 then R2 and R3 then to the negative terminal to the battery.

• Voltage drops add to equal total voltage. 
• Resistances add to the equal total resistance.
• All components share the equal curren

What Is a Parallel Connection?

The basic idea of ​​the parallel connection is that all the elements are joined by one another. It divides source current but uses the same voltage fo the components. In the main point to be a parallel circuit, it must have to all components are connected between the same two sets of electrically common points, creating multiple paths for the current to flow from one end of the battery to the other.

Parallel circuit

In the picture, there are three resisters assigns them as R1, R2, and R3. As the given position of those resisters. They are connected as a parallel because they are connected in common 2 sets of wire.

  • Branch currents add to equal total current.
• All components share the equal voltage.
• Resistances diminish to equal total resistance.

Series – Parallel connection

If the Series circuit and the parallel circuit makes a single circuit with one source then it is called Series-Parallel circuit.

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