What is Raspberry Pi? A true example of the Naked circuit.

In the history of the computer,all can say there was not a single computer device below 100$. Students bearly can make electronic projects at that time. So we can easily say that that time a computer was not for every student. Computer scientist Eben Upton started a project in 2006 at the University of Cambridge’s Computer Lab along with Rob Mullins, Jack Lang, and Alan Mycroft. They took a gole to make a cheap computer. They made their first prototype. The prime requirement was to keep within the price limit they had set, and to provide a device that would allow its users to experiment with the hardware and software. Then they started developing this prototype and adding more and more features.

After 5 years of test and debug the first generation of Raspberry pi came out. It was credit-card sized (3″ * 2″). For secondary memory, they used standard SD card slot. it has also two USB ports. The price was about 25 to 35 dollar which is still same.

The key features is the general-purpose input/output (GPIO) pins allowing users to add sensors and other accessories to expand the functionality. Every kind of student and engineer got a cheap solution for their experiment because of the low cost. They got so much response from the user and manage to sell 12.5 million units in march 2017. Their main target was not to profit. But they achieve third best-selling “general-purpose computer”.

Raspberry pi is now known as a single board nano-sized computer. Now every kind of person uses it. It can be carried easily and you can run any kind of Operating system in it. Additional devices such as camera, display, keyboard or mouse can be attached easily. It helps all yo do any kinds of electronic projects.

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